316MC The Process

5D inspiration

As I have the 5D currently in my possession, I started looking up tips, and advice online. One forum suggested, well stated that every Cannon owner should have watched this short by Vincent Laforet

This achieved over 2 million hits within a week, back when the 5D was new on the market. I was highly impressed by the shot of sweat moving across the protagonists face. Also while watching it, I found myself thinking, I could do that shot, or I could film that scene. It is at heart (minus the helicopter) all basic shots and frames that anyone with a 5D can do. Although that said I am aware the artist has his own selection of various frames.

Also on his site I found…

A fantastic collection of shots with the 5D, his narration/blog post underneath it, helps explain what he did and that in fact he too, is using this camera for the first time but producing beautiful things. However I would like to point out I am not one of those people who right it off as brilliant purely as its on a 5D.


A talented artist can capture beauty with any equipment.






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